Prelude Wind Ensemble

Woodwind, brass, and percussion training program for City of Milwaukee 5th and 6th graders, through school nomination only.

An Innovative Music Training Program

Prelude Wind Ensemble, a part of MYSO’s innovative Community Partnership Programs, is an immersive two-year training program in woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments for fifth and sixth grade children who live or attend school in the City of Milwaukee and are underserved by music education.

Students who are nominated and accepted into the Prelude Wind Ensemble will receive small group lessons, sectional rehearsals, and full band rehearsals each week. This program is the concert band equivalent of MYSO’s Progressions program.

Prelude Wind Ensemble is heavily contribution-based, with all students receiving virtually full scholarships for instruments, private lessons, membership, and transportation as needed. Families, all of whom have limited financial resources, are asked to pay just $75, though the actual cost is approximately $4,000/student.

Progressions accepts students only via nomination from school principals, teachers and music directors.

At a Glance

  • Students are required to report to MYSO three times per week, Tuesday through Thursday, for approximately 1-2 hours each day, in the late afternoon/early evening
  • Students are in grades 5-6
  • Directors: Connie Fellows and Michael Krofta
  • For more information, please call the office at (414) 267-2950 or email

Upcoming Events

The Prelude Wind Ensemble Staff

Michael Krofta

Prelude Wind Ensemble Director

Prelude Wind Ensemble Director Michael R. Krofta recently retired as...

Connie Fellows

Prelude Wind Ensemble Director

Prelude Wind Ensemble Director Connie Fellows has been sharing the...

Sabrina Raber

Community Program Mgr | Chamber Flute Ens, Flute Chorale Music Dir | Prelude Wind Ens Flute Instructor

Community Program Manager and Chamber Flute Ensemble and Flute Chorale...

Interested in Auditioning?

Each student is required to audition to become a member of MYSO. Being a MYSO member is a rewarding experience that drives a student’s musical, learning, and social skills.
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