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Livia Romanov: With This I Bid You Farewell

Let me write you, the reader, something memorable. Let me tell you about the times when my life had changed drastically. Let me preach to you the highlights of the MYSO 2017 tour. Physically getting to Argentina was a jungle full of layovers and delays, but we got there in one piece and then went

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Livia Romanov: Memories Bound by Music and Passion

Today was a day of countless lasts; last breakfast together, last step in Uruguay, last fiasco on the swaying ferry, last lunch together, last breath of Argentinian air, but all of these lasts will be cherished forever. The morning was filled with last minute packing for those that partied a little bit too hard the

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Hayley Jasinski: A List of Lasts

Day 8 This day didn’t start off very emotional for many of us, but it most certainly ended that way. We kicked off the day bright and early with a dress rehearsal in the Teatro Solis. Considering we were down a couple members and extremely low on both sleep and morale, it went pretty well.

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Hayley Jasinski: From Museums to Dancing (again)

Day 7 Our first morning expedition was a brisk walk to the Recoleta Cemetery. Since the United group hadn’t experienced this plot of Argentina’s history, all of us walked a couple blocks to the entrance before the American Airlines group split off. The bus took us to the Evita Museum, which is located in a

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